Oct 24, 2018
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Dr. Bill Releford - The most reliable natural treatment for foot fungus: Cinnamon therapy


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The most reliable natural treatment for foot fungus: Cinnamon therapy

The most reliable natural treatment for foot fungus

What is foot fungus?

Fungus is a commonly found organism that can easily grow anywhere with a bit of moisture. Therefore, when our feet are exposed to humid conditions, there is a good chance for the development of fungus. Commonly foot fungus only develops on toenails or between the toes but may develop on other areas in few cases.

Fungal infections can easily develop between your toes due to excessive sweating and are commonly known as athlete’s foot. Foot fungus can set the stage for toenail fungus which is medically known as onychomycosis and usually arises due to unsuitable footwear or exposure to fungi. Initially, it appears as a pale yellow spot under the toenail and continues to discolor and disfigure the toenail while making it brittle and hard, a sign that things are getting worse.

Foot fungus may seem like an isolated problem but left untreated it can quickly manifest into a more serious condition especially those with diabetes or poor circulation. While the condition can be treated with pharmaceutical agents, these pills can be extremely toxic to the liver and heart. Careful monitoring is required when taking oral anti-fungal agents.

Best natural solution: Cinnamon therapy

For a long time, cinnamon has been known by traditional practitioners to help against foot fungus. Without any side effects, cinnamon offers a wide range of benefits making it an ideal treatment for foot fungal infections. Consisting of high concentration of eugenol oils, cinnamon has been proven to efficiently eradicate fungus.

Easily absorbed into the body, cinnamon therapy is very effective in treating the fungal infections both internally as well as externally. Additionally, cinnamon therapy has been found to improve blood circulation by working in conjunction with nitric oxide, a well-known vasodilator.

Ingredients used in cinnamon therapy are natural and lack the toxicity to the liver and heart seen in oral anti-fungal medications. Typical oral medications may require you to take them over a period of several months. Cinnamon therapy is a viable alternative and has been shown to work rapidly with very few known side effects.

Advanced therapy used by the experts:

For years, I’ve been Leading the foot care medical field with innovative and reliable medical therapies. The Releford Foot and Ankle Institute is one of the best facilities for foot and ankle treatments. We are Located in Inglewood, California and we offer advanced cinnamon therapy with numerous benefits developed yours truly. With over three decades of experience, I continue to work towards developing new ways to treat common foot and ankle medical conditions.

The cinnamon therapy offered at the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute uses a tried and tested blend of natural ingredients. Together, these ingredients work to combat fungal elements that can create smelly feet as well as skin and nail problems. This affordable therapy efficiently removes foot fungus and also prevents it from recurring.

The Releford Foot and Ankle Institute provides complete care to the patients as we aim to avoid any further damage. A thorough examination is performed to confirm if the foot infection is caused by a fungus or other medical condition. Therefore, cinnamon therapy from us is the ideal option for the natural treatment for foot fungus.