Oct 24, 2018
Amputation Prevention

Dr. Bill Releford - 8 Proactive Measures To Prevent Diabetic Foot Complications


ello, it’s Dr. Bill Releford from The Releford Foot and Ankle Institute “Where amputation is not the only answer”. Today we are talking about Prevent Diabetic Foot Complications With These 8 Proactive Measures

8 Proactive Measures To Prevent Diabetic Foot Complications

1. Inspect your feet daily. If your eyesight is poor, have someone else do it for you. Inspect for:
  • Skin or nail problems: Look for cuts, scrapes, redness, drainage, swelling, bad odor, rash, discoloration, loss of hair on toes, injuries or nail changes (deformed, striped, yellowed or discolored, thickened or not growing).
  • Signs of fracture: If your foot is swollen, red or hot or has changed in size, shape or direction, see your foot and ankle surgeon immediately
2. Do not ignore leg pain.
  • Pain in the leg that occurs at night or with a little activity could mean you have a blocked artery. Seek care immediately.
Diabetic Foot Care
3. Nail cutting.
  • If you have any nail problems, hard nails or reduced feeling in your feet, your toenails should be properly trimmed.
3. No “bathroom surgery.”
  • Never trim calluses or corns yourself, and do not use over-the-counter medicated pads.
4. Keep floors free of sharp objects.
  • Make sure no needles, insulin syringes or other sharp objects are on the floor.
5. Do not go barefoot.
  • Wear shoes, indoors and outdoors.
6. Check shoes and socks.
  • Shake out your shoes before putting them on. Make sure your socks are not bunched up.
7. Have your circulation and sense of feeling tested.
  • Your foot and ankle surgeon will perform tests to see if you have lost any feeling or circulation.

These are a just a few things that I recommend to all of my diabetic patients to ensure that they stay clear of experiencing an amputation.

If you or a loved one has been recommended for amputation, please contact me at the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute.