Oct 24, 2018
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Dr. Bill Releford - 5 Tips to Avoid A Gout Attack


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5 Tips You Can Count On To Avoid A Gout Attack

To Avoid A Gout Attack

Gout is a general term that describes a wide variety of conditions that are caused by uric acid buildup. Usually, this affects the feet. Gout is characterized by pain and swelling in the joints of the feet, particularly on the big toe. Gouty attacks are characterized by sudden, intense pains that can create the illusion of the feet being on fire. A wide variety of factors play a significant role in causing a gout attack. Drinking too much alcohol and a couple of medical conditions can result in the production of too much uric acid by the body. Gout can also be caused by the body being unable to properly eliminate uric acid. Starving and dehydration can make it quite difficult for the body to excrete uric acid causing it to build up as deposits in the joints. The ability of the body to eliminate uric acid can also be hindered by certain medications such as immunosuppressive fungal medications and diuretics such as Lasix.

Considering the intense pain that comes with gout, it is imperative to know how well to prevent it or if it has already attacked, find a way to reverse it. First, you should understand that gout has a hereditary component. As a matter of fact, people with parents suffering from gout are at a 20% higher risk of developing it. Here are my suggestions of how you can avoid a gout attack:

Avoid High Purine Foods

Foods such as red meat and shellfish are considerably high in purine and should be avoided since they can increase the chances of developing gout. Instead, go for a low fat and low cholesterol diet. Much as some types of beans have a high-purine composition, the risk of developing gout in this way is relatively low.

Watch The Alcohol

One surefire way to avoid developing gout is by minimizing alcohol intake. While alcohol does not contain purine, its metabolism retains uric acid in the blood, preventing it from getting eliminated. And because alcohol dehydrates the body, it is also able to promote uric acid accumulation in the body.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Your water intake matters. Whenever you can drink as much water as possible. This should help to flush out all kinds of impurities from your body, including uric acid. Dehydration is likely to cause the accumulation of uric acid. A useful tip to note is that adding some baking soda to your water and drinking it every morning can help in neutralizing uric acid.

Think About High-Fat Dairy Products

Milk protein can surely reduce the level of uric acid by increasing the rate at which it’s eliminated. However, milk with a high butterfat content has been associated with plenty of other health-related disorders. But if you increase your intake of yogurt and non-fat milk, you can ultimately reduce the incident of a gout attack.

Don’t Overeat!

Try to maintain a healthy body weight whenever you can. Overeating and being overweight has over the years been associated with gout. People suffering from obesity are 4 times more likely to develop gout. Weight loss can help reduce the amount of uric acid in your system. However, the weight loss shouldn’t be as fast since it will promote further accumulation of uric acid.


Gout happens to be an incredibly painful condition. Yet with just a few lifestyle changes, you could end up preventing an attack or even reverse a gout problem that may have already developed. There is no need to employ all of my suggestions at once. You might find it easier when you take your time to explore what works best for you. You can always contact me at the Releford Foot And Ankle Institute if you need some help.